RAF Halton

In 2016 the Ministry of Defence (MOD) announced the disposal of RAF Halton as part of the Better Defence Estate Strategy, which seeks to reduce the number of sites from which the armed forces operate over the next 25 years. The disposal of RAF Halton will generate significant savings which will be re-invested into new military infrastructure to ensure the Armed Forces have the appropriate facilities of the requisite standard to support future operations from optimal locations. The MOD will commence a phased vacation of the site and, subject to planning will deliver a phased development from 2022. The disposal of RAF Halton provides an opportunity to create a vibrant new community for within the local area and wider Aylesbury Vale. The disposal will enable us to preserve and celebrate RAF Halton’s rich heritage and open new green spaces to the wider community.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), part of the MOD, is leading the development of the proposals for RAF Halton. The DIO plays a vital role in supporting the armed forces by building, maintaining and servicing the infrastructure needed to support defence and is keen to continue to work closely with the community on the future of this important site.

While RAF Halton extends to the area shown within the red boundary below, the proposed Site Allocation in the emerging Aylesbury Vale District Council’s Local Plan does not cover the entirety of RAF Halton under the ownership of the MOD. 

The extent of the MOD ownership is some 298 hectares. The proposed site allocation in the emerging Local Plan only extends to 82 hectares, shown within the blue line boundary. This area includes Halton Station, Maitland and Henderson which comprises of RAF barracks and training facilities. The local plan site allocation excludes Halton House and most of its grounds, a number of open recreation areas, areas of woodland and the airfield and associated buildings. 

As such, we are currently focusing our ideas for the area shown in the blue line boundary and would welcome your feedback. 

Site location in the local context

The DIO is promoting a housing led allocation on the site in the Aylesbury Vale District Council’s emerging Local Plan. If the Local Plan is adopted, the allocation will provide a framework for future development.  The DIO is hosting the consultation events to help inform the masterplanning process and assist in defining proposals for the site’s future redevelopment.

The disposal process for the site will be phased, with vacation and initial development taking place from 2022. The complete redevelopment of the site is scheduled to take place over the Local Plan period which will run until 2033. The DIO is creating a masterplan vision that will inform development on the site and this will come forward in considered phases.

Have your say

We will be holding a number of public consultation events as we develop the emerging masterplan. These will provide opportunities to find out more about the proposals and these will be advertised by letter, in the local press and on this website.


Our next public consultation events will be held on:

Saturday 11 May, 11:00-15:00

Nuffield Sports Pavilion, Swann Road, Halton, HP22 5PG